My granddaughter, the Entrepreneur! (18th June 2024)

During the February half term break my granddaughters school bus was stolen from school for the second time.

The school bus wasn’t new and the insurance will only cover the replacement per se, therefore the school decided to task all the children with raising money to enable them to purchase a better bus.  Each child in school was given a £1 coin and asked to be entrepreneurs, they have all done various things to grow their £1.  Sofia, my granddaughter decided she wanted to do a raffle – initially she wanted to raffle off her old toys and clothes so bought a book of raffle tickets.  On chatting with her it was decided that it may be best to get a sponsor to donate some prizes…. Being grandma…. I (LWP) obviously donated a couple of small hampers to help her along – she also bought items with her spending money as her way of a donation and then when she went to a friends birthday party at Aya Sophia restaurant in Hebden Bridge, she asked the owners to donate to her raffle, they very kindly donated a £30 voucher.

We put the raffle tickets out for sale on her behalf to family and friends and also advertised the raffle on our Facebook page and had a great response.

For a little girl of 6 I think she did amazing and raised £137 for her school, this was all her idea and only a small amount of help was given from other people.

You can see who won the prizes in the links below, her confidence is truly outstanding!