Trade Waste Testimonial – 20th February 2024

Testimonial for Amy Beamish – LWP Site Solutions Ltd – BNI Two Valleys

Rubbish can often be discussed in business meetings. But, since Amy, friend of us all in Two Valleys BNI joined our meetings, it’s not the usual old rubbish. She makes sense out of rubbish for us. Rubbish and bins are now a joy to discuss.

I have a customer who has a problem with bins in his factory, felt they were paying too much, poor communication with the supplier and haphazard collections. This led to a bit of a dispute.
So I asked Amy to have a look into their bins, and everything is now organised. My customer can look forward to a hassle-free future and with a saving.

I am very pleased to recommend LWP! Amy and Gill have a great business, they know their rubbish, bins and how to get things done.

Thank you Amy.
Matthew Marshall – ACCR